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On this page you will find the history of Narrow Ground Entertainment, our goals for the future and short bios of the people who work on the site and its content.


This site is a one-man show, which is why the design is...not good. I set it up as a permanent place to display my writing in February of 2018, after a different platform I'd used to share my writing with readers shut down. I hope to expand it in the future with the writing of some of my friends and additional creative pursuits. Ultimately I hope to earn a living from my writing, and setting up an independent website was a step toward that. Ultimately though, I know the probability of that and have a more conventional career in the trucking industry. Years later it remains small, but I hope it will grow in time. If you enjoy the content produced here, you can help it grow by showing it to others! And if you don’t, I can’t imagine why you’re taking the time to read the “About” page...

Stephen Schamber


I was born in Milwaukee and graduated from college with a degree in History in 2015. I started writing more seriously after college, and started posting it in 2017. I earn my living as a professional driver. That is, of semis, not racecars, in case you were confused. I have previously worked as a clerical employee for a major insurance company, in a machine shop, a wide assortment of retail jobs, food service, janitorial, and for a soda distributor. I like coffee and manual transmission vehicles.

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